Experience the Unconventional Farm Life!

Welcome to Good Day Farm Dispensary – where the farm life gets a ‘high’ twist! This isn’t your grandma’s farm, oh no, though we sure love Grandma! Situated in the picturesque landscapes across Arkansas, Missouri & Mississippi, we serve more than good days—we serve experiences.

We’re not milking cows or shearing sheep here. Instead, we cultivate top-notch cannabis products, or as we like to say, we’re “growing good vibes”. No pitchforks or tractors, but you’ll find a vast selection of premium products, curated especially for your unique tastes.

Here’s a fun fact – our plants don’t complain about the weather, they THRIVE in it! Rain or sunshine, we’re working hard to deliver a consistent stream of ‘farm’-fresh goods to enhance your routine or disrupt your weekend with a wave of relaxation.

At Good Day Farm Dispensary, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is every bit a part of your journey as our products. They’re always ready to guide you through our offerings to ensure you leave the farm happier than when you arrived.

Remember, at Good Day Farm, every day is a good day! Come, experience the unconventional farm life.

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